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Privacy Policy

Spectrum Outfitters LLC values and respects your privacy. Spectrum Outfitters LLC only collects information that is necessary to fulfill orders or to provide services to you, the customer. We do not sell, trade or share any information you give us with any other party with the exception of the following:

Shippers & Carriers: We will share only that information which is necessary to ship, track or deliver any product or services to you (e.g. USPS, Fed Ex, UPS etc).

Distributors, Suppliers & Manufacturers: We will share only that information which is necessary with our distributers and or suppliers in order to provide you with product(s) or service(s). In order to provide you with timely services your order or product(s) may be shipped directly (drop shipped) from our distributors and or suppliers. We may also share relevant information, at your request, with suppliers, manufactures or service centers in order to assist you with a manufacturer’s warranty service.

Law Enforcement: In the event of any suspected criminal activity or violation of any law, (e.g. fraud, identity theft, harassment etc) ordinance or legal regulation of the United States and it’s states or territories, in conjunction with your use of , we will assist the victim and or law enforcement and share only that information which is necessary to resolve the issue.

Subpoenas & Court Orders: We will share  information requested by a valid court order, subpoena or warrant.

Spectrum Outfitters LLC uses third parties to sell, to process credit cards and to host this web site.  As a result, “cookie” data may be stored on your computer and shared in order for certain services on to work (e.g. shopping cart, wish list etc). Your IP address may also be logged and is only used in accordance with these services.

Spectrum Outfitters LLC does not knowingly collect information from minor children who may access with or without their guardian’s permission.  This web site is not intended to be used by any minor child, under 18 years of age, without the consent of a responsible guardian or parent. If you believe or suspect your minor child accessed this site without your consent, please contact us and we will delete any personally identifiable information the minor may have provided

Any personally identifiable information you give us will be kept secure. In the event any personally identifiable information is compromised by malicious activities we will work with our service providers to resolve the security breach and will attempt to contact you or post an alert on for you to contact us.

Your use of  constitutes acceptance of this privacy policy.

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